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Comment: A little closer, Mausolium of Augustus is the Star in the uper left, Circus Maximus in he lower center , train station to the middle right. .
RomeSatMap1 * The heart of Rome via Satelitte. We got pretty comfortable throughout this area. * 1033 x 778 * (908KB)

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RomeSatMap2.jpg - 1033 x 778 - (939KB)
12/3/07 1:59 AM
RomeSatMap3 * A little small but some labels that should help. (most of these we hit) * 530 x 509 * (311KB)

LimoService * As it happened, Ken's high school reunion was this year and he connected with Susan, who just so happened to live in Rome. She was very gracious and really helped us tremendously in the planning for this trip. One of her great suggestions was Maurizio's service that she had used several times. This way instead of floundering around catching a bus or train then walking to find the hotel with our luggage in tow,  Maurizio was able to supply door to door service. Dependable, honest and friendly,  like a friend we just met. * 443 x 280 * (58KB)

BusPasses * Well used passes for all the various forms of transportation. * 486 x 592 * (198KB)

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