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It's a jungle out there!

At least that was the landscapers opinion on what had become an overgrown collection of bushes, trees and various other greenery in front of the house. For two years we have been working to remove and replace the hopelessly overgrown with a fresh start.

Below you will note the new raised gardens in front contained by a new brick retaining wall and a neat row of new Canadian hemlocks along the back fence. And, much to the landscapers horror, a gold lion sitting to one side.


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1backse.jpg (38799 bytes)

Progress in the backyard has gone a little slower than in the front.  Last year we put a couple loads of dirt into the back filling in various holes building the burm, and trying to level out the crater of a long gone swimming pool. The lawn furniture makes it a neat place for supper and outdoor gatherings.



Here you can see the line of Canadian hemlocks along the fence we put in replacing the "bunch of sticks" that had grown up over the many years

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